Andre Johnson
NameAndre Johnson
Big Dre
Mr. Senior Vee-peezy
Dr. Dre
Mr. J
BornMarch 25, 1975 (1975-03-25) (age 44)
FamilyMabel Johnson (paternal grandmother)
Clarence Johnson (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Earl Johnson (father)
Ruby Johnson (mother)
Almaviligerais Johnson (aunt)
Unnamed brother
Rhonda Johnson (sister)
Sharon Johnson (sister-in-law)
Rainbow Johnson (wife)
Zoey Johnson (daughter)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (son)
Jack Johnson (son)
Diane Johnson (daughter)
Devante Johnson (son)
Alicia Johnson (mother-in-law)
Paul Johnson (father-in-law)
Johan Johnson (brother-in-law)
Santamonica Johnson (sister-in-law)
Cha-Cha Johnson (niece)
Dante Johnson (nephew)
Carl Johnson (nephew)
Diamond Johnson (niece)
June Bug (cousin)
Ramona (cousin)
Kyra (cousin)
Ronald (uncle)
FriendsKris Levine
Mr. Stevens
Charlie Telphy
Curtis Miller
Gigi Franklin
Daphne Lido (sometimes)
WorkplaceAdvertising executive at Stevens and Lido
First EpisodePilot
Last EpisodeN/A
Portrayed byAnthony Anderson
Issac Ryan Brown (young)

Andre "Dre" Johnson is one of the main characters from the hit TV show, Black-ish.

Andre is portrayed by Anthony Anderson.

Character Info

Dre considers himself the family patriarch and when he looks at his life - he sees a beautiful wife and four kids living happily in their colonial home in the 'burbs. But when he looks a little closer -- have the trappings of success brought too much assimilation for this black family? The world he sees has a much different lens than the one he would like his family to look through.


Season 1 (24/24)


  • He thinks stretching makes him gay.
  • He was distant from his father in his early childhood.
  • He grew up in Compton.
  • Bow claims that Dre is so overweight his heart stops twice each night. Dre displays little to no concern about this.
  • He only watches the Randall Pearson storylines on This Is Us.
  • He used to sit in the front of his mother’s car when he was young and hold her cigarettes.
  • His best friend is Gigi. (Tyra Banks).
  • Dre does not know how to swim.
  • His favorite game is Monopoly.


  • "Field Hockey?!"
  • "Andy?, that's not even close to Andre."


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