Denise is a character in Mixed-ish. She is the sister of Alicia and the aunt of Rainbow. Denise is played by Christina Anthony.

Character info

Denise is outspoken, social, and embraces the "black stereotype". Throughout much of her life, she stepped on others for her own gain, but after being reminded of how valuable and short life is, she decides to right all of her wrongs and be a kinder person. While she rejects things that don't follow society's rules, she also encourages others like Rainbow and Alicia to break the rules and be their authentic selves. She is very blunt and sticks to her beliefs even if they don't make sense, such as believing every man named Gerard wears a headpiece.

Physical appearance


Denise appears in the following episodes:


  • "Everyday music, articles, pieces of art allow someone else's bias to get in your head, but if you sit around saying 'Ima change they mind' all you're doing is letting that stereotype have power over you."
  • "Do you have any idea what your girl could do with all that Caucasian? I'd have a house, a boat, pay off my layaway..."




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