Bow: But for what it's worth, Dre, you do keep remembering all the good stuff about Howard and conveniently forgetting all the challenges. Dre: What challenges?
Bow: Like how tough it was for you to reintegrate back into society.
[Cutaway - Dre is at a job interview in the past]
Interviewee: Howard University, huh? What do they teach there, black math?
[Dre reaches over the table to try and strangle him]
Bow and Dre
Black Math
Season 4, Episode 18
First Aired April 3, 2018
Production Code 419
Writer(s) Doug Hall
Director(s) Kevin Bray
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"North Star"
"Dog Eat Dog World"

Black Math is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of Black-ish and the ninetieth overall. The episode premiered April 3, 2018.


When Junior is accepted to Howard and Stanford, Dre tries to convince him to attend his alma mater. Meanwhile, Jack develops a comedy style and Ruby decides she's going to manage his career, forcing Diane to compete for her attention.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Jeff Meacham as Josh
  • Nelson Franklin as Connor Stevens
  • August Gross & Berlin Gross as Baby Devante Johnson

Guest Cast

  • Christopher Jefferson as Student
  • Ryan Keating as Stuffy White Boss



Featured Music

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