Dre: If I'm being forced to get a dog, I want to get something that's big, that's strong, that's strapping. Like Like a Boxer named Manslaughter or or a Rott named Baby Get-Right. Bow: "Get-Right"? Dre: Yeah. I want people to cross the street when they see me coming, and not just because I'm a Black man.
Dre to his family about getting a dog
Dog Eat Dog World
Season 4, Episode 19
First Aired April 10, 2018
Production Code 420
Writer(s) Jenifer Rice-Genzuk Henry
Director(s) Anton Cropper
Episode Guide
"Black Math"
"Fifty-Three Percent"

Dog Eat Dog World is the nineteenth episode of Season 4 of Black-ish and the ninety-first overall. The episode premiered April 10, 2018.


The family is divided over the idea of getting a dog after Dre and Bow promise Jack they can get one after he gets Straight A's. Meanwhile, Bow's brother Johan is in town and he doesn't get the warm welcome he expects from Ruby.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

  • Jeff Meacham as Josh
  • Nelson Franklin as Connor Stevens
  • August Gross & Berlin Gross as Baby Devante Johnson

Guest Cast

  • Daveed Diggs as Johan Johnson
  • Dana Powell as Marla
  • Dawn Joyal as Betty
  • Seth Coltan as Custodian



Featured Music

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