Do you think this is easy for me, Ruby? Do you? Motherhood is the most natural thing for a woman. And I've had four kids, and somehow, I am struggling right now. I cannot seem to make enough milk. I feel filled with anxiety. I feel weak. I feel embarrassed because of all the things that I can't do. And you are making me feel so much worse!
Bow to Ruby
Mother Nature
Season 4, Episode 2
Mother Nature
First Aired October 10, 2017
Production Code 402
Writer(s) Peter Saji
Director(s) Anton Cropper
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"Elder. Scam."

Mother Nature is the second episode of season four of Black-ish. The episode premiered on October 10, 2017.


Bow is feeling overwhelmed after the birth of DeVante, and learns she is suffering from postpartum depression. Dre urges her to get help and stands by her side while she works through it. Meanwhile, the kids baby-proof the house in an effort to help their parents out.


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