Mr. Stevens
Mr. Stevens Still
NameMr. Stevens
FamilyMargaret Stevens (ex-wife)
Connor Stevens (son)
Joey Stevens (son)
Tucker Stevens (son)
First EpisodePilot

Leslie Stevens (credited as Mr. Stevens) is Andre's boss in Black-ish. He is portrayed by Peter Mackenzie.

Character Info

Mr. Stevens is Andre’s boss at the advertising company, Stevens and Lido. He, along with Josh and Charlie, give advice to Dre about parenting his kids and issues in the family.


Season 1 (13/24)


  • In the script, his name is Mr. Stevenson.
  • He is a Republican, which is why his wife divorced him.
  • He later lets his son, Connor, start working for him.
  • He’s been described as a huge racist.
  • He puts blackface on snowmen that are on the Christmas cards he sends to the Johnsons.
  • He slept with his maid, and “promoted” her to wife.