We're pregnant.
— Rainbow to Andre
Rainbow Johnson
NameRainbow Cinnamon Johnson
NicknamesBabe (by Dre)
Mom (by kids)
Bow (by everyone) Rainbow (by Ruby)
BornOctober 29, 1976 (1976-10-29) (age 42)
FamilyAlicia Johnson (mother)
Paul Johnson (father, deceased)
Johan Johnson (brother)
Santamonica Johnson (sister)
Andre Johnson (husband)
Zoey Johnson (daughter)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (son)
Jack Johnson (son)
Diane Johnson (daughter)
Devonte Johnson (son)
Earl Johnson (father-in-law)
Ruby Johnson (mother-in-law)
Rhonda Johnson (sister-in-law)
Sharon Johnson (sister-in-law by marriage via Rhonda)
June Bug (cousin-in-law)
Kyra (cousin-in-law)
First EpisodePilot
Last EpisodeN/A
Portrayed byTracee Ellis Ross

Rainbow Cinnamon "Bow" Johnson is one of the main characters from the hit tv show, Black-ish.

Rainbow is portrayed by Tracee Ellis Ross.

Character Info

Rainbow Johnson is an anesthesiologist, the bi-racial wife of Dre Johnson and mother of Zoey, Junior, Diane, Jack and DeVonte Johnson. She is kind, funny, selfless and nice - usually, the person to put Dre and his craziness in his place.

Personal Appearance

She is a beautiful bi-racial woman with a halo of African afro-like curls. Rainbow has almond eyes, sleek eyebrows, a slender nose, a heart-shaped face and a small notable mole on the right side of her face; just below her eye. In one episode, she said that she was 23% Yoruba (Nigerian), 19% Galiec, 1% Mongol, and 11% Samoan.


  • She was raised by an interracial hippie couple.
  • Her surname was already Johnson before she and Dre were married.
  • She speaks Spanish.
  • She and her siblings have very unusual names - Johan and Santamonica.
  • She went to Brown University in Rhode Island.
  • Bow is terrified of birds.
  • Bow has met Rick Fox.


"If I'm not black, can someone please tell my hair and my ass?"

"We're pregnant"

"I save lives"


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