Rhonda Johnson
NameRhonda Johnson
FamilySharon Duckworth (wife)
Earl Johnson (father)
Ruby Johnson (mother)
Unnamed brother
Andre Johnson (brother)
Almaviligerais Johnson (aunt)
Unnamed aunt (maternal)
Mabel Johnson (paternal grandmother)
Clarence Johnson (paternal grandfather; deceased)
Rainbow Johnson (sister-in-law)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (nephew)
Zoey Johnson (niece)
Diane Johnson (niece)
Jack Johnson (nephew)
Dante Johnson (nephew)
Cha-Cha Johnson (niece)
Carl Johnson (nephew)
Diamond Johnson (niece)
June Bug (cousin)
Kyra (cousin)
Portrayed byRaven-Symone
Rhonda Johnson is a recurring character in Black-ish, and the lesbian sister of Dre.

Rhonda is portrayed by Raven-Symoné. 

Character Info

Rhonda is the lesbian sister of Dre, daughter to Earl and Ruby. It is revealed that Rhonda hid her sexual orientation from Ruby, who is an extreme homophobe. In her debut episode, she and her fiance, Sharon Duckworth, were getting married.


Rhonda is no-nonsense, hard-working, and a loving sister. She doesn’t own the same luxurious lifestyle as Dre, which prompts her to take on multiple jobs and numerous responsibilites. Originally, she and Dre were not very connected to each other until the moment Rhonda informed him of her marriage, but their relationship suffered tension from the episode “The Inheritance.” While she established a strong bond with Pops, it is hinted she holds a little resentment for Ruby, which stemmed from the fact that Rhonda is gay and Ruby is not very gay-friendly.


Season 1 (1/24)

Season 2 (1/24)

Season 3 (1/24)

  • One Angry Man (mentioned only)
  • What Lies Beneath

Season 4 (2/24)

  • Firsts and Lasts (as a teenager)
  • The Inheritance


  • Rhonda owns a cat named Kitty Lang.
  • She lives with Sharon in a one-bedroom apartment.
  • She is a Lyft driver.
  • She went scotch-tasting with Pops.
  • Rhonda is an atheist.