Ruby Johnson
NameRubeline Eveline Johnson
BornAugust 25, 1953 (1953-08-25) (age 65)
FamilyUnnamed sister
Earl Johnson (ex-husband)
Mabel Johnson (ex mother-in-law)
Clarence Johnson (ex-father-in-law; deceased)
Andre Johnson (son)
Rhonda Johnson (daughter)
Almaviligerais Johnson(ex-sister-in-law; best friend)
Rainbow Johnson (daughter-in-law via Andre)
Sharon Johnson (daughter-in-law via Rhonda)
Zoey Johnson (granddaughter)
Andre Johnson, Jr. (grandson)
Jack Johnson (grandson)
Diane Johnson (granddaughter)
Devonte Johnson (grandson)
Unnamed son
Cha-Cha Johnson (granddaughter)
Dante Johnson (grandson)
Carl Johnson (grandson)
Diamond Johnson (granddaughter)
Kyra (niece)
Ramona (sister; presumably)
Perry (brother-in-law; presumably)
Portrayed byJenifer Lewis

Rubeline Eveline "Ruby" Johnson is one of the main characters in Black-ish.

Ruby is portrayed by Jenifer Lewis.

Character info

She is the ex-wife of Earl Johnson, the mother of Andre Johnson and Rhonda Johnson as well as the grandmother to Zoey Johnson, Andre Johnson, Jr., Jack Johnson, Diane Johnson and Devonte Johnson.


Season 1 (8/24)


  • A running gag in the show is that Ruby is basically Donald Trump.
  • Ruby didn’t allow Dre to eat bananas when he was a kid because of her homophobia.
  • Ruby told Davis that she was allergic to latex.
  • Ruby doesn’t eat mushrooms.
  • She blew up Pops’ boat.
  • She shot Pops twice.
  • Ruby had affairs with Dre’s gym and science teacher when he was a child.
  • Ruby plays Spades.
  • The last time she had gin before the episode “Dr. Hell No,” she shot Pops.
  • When she dies, she says she wants her ashes sprinkled on Ving Rhames.
  • Ruby’s nemesis is Doris.
  • Her best friend is Almaviligerais.
  • According to her, cooking is her main connection to the kids.
  • She doesn’t believe in therapy.
  • In order to pay for Dre to go to private school, she shot Pops and took his disability check.
  • When she was young, there were 48 states, dinosaurs were lizards, and there were only 9 numbers. She said this to Diane and Jack.
  • Before she moved to L.A., Ruby lived in New York.
  • Ruby sang backup for Bette Midler and she starred in a movie.
  • On Dre’s birthday in 1983, Ruby blew up Pops’ car.
  • Ruby stuck a fork into Pops’ neck.
  • She doesn’t believe there’s such thing as evolution.
  • She wanted Bishop Don Juan to marry Dre and Bow.
  • Ruby claims to have breastfed Dre until he was eight (which is impossible).
  • She claims to be Zulu-Cherokee.
  • Ruby keeps a camera pointed at her bed.
  • She thinks Diane is possessed by Satan.
  • She followed A.C. Green to Montego Bay and took his virginity.
  • She wore braids for a year
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