To tell the truth, I spent all my time imagining what you staying home would be like for me and the kids, and not what it would be like for you
Unkept Woman
Season 4, Episode 13
Unkept Woman
First Aired February 6, 2018
Production Code 412
Writer(s) Christian Lander
Director(s) Pete Chatmon
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"Bow Knows"

Unkept Woman is the thirteenth episode of Season 4 of Black-ish. The episode premiered on February 6, 2018.


Dre and Bow's morning routine with the kids changes now that Bow is taking time off work. Meanwhile, Junior bonds with Diane now that he is in charge of driving his siblings to school.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jeff Meacham as Josh
  • Brittany Daniel as Blair
  • Angel Laketa Moore as Erica
  • Sarah Hudson as Kayla
  • Christina DeRosa as Nicole
  • Emerson Min as Mason
  • Nikki Tuazon as Tina
  • Josh Sanders as Patient

Recurring Cast

  • Nelson Franklin as Connor Stevens
  • Catherine Reitman as Lucy
  • Issac Ryan Brown as Young Andre Johnson
  • August Gross & Berlin Gross as Baby Devante Johnson



[Bow has a new hair do]
Dre: Uh, it's only been three days since the last one. Is it safe to have that much heat on your scalp?
[Bow is dropping the twins off at school]
Bow: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Jack: Most Moms stay in the car!
Bow: Yeah, I know, I just wanna take a quick selfie.of us (takes photograph), for the gram.
Jack: Bye, Mom.
Bow: ...for Instagram. Okay Bye, you know what? I'll just take it of your backs (takes photograph) It's #dropoffqueen! [laughs].

Featured Music

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